When Jesus set free the adulterous woman he told her ‘go and sin no more’, the crowd must have thought how impossible it will be for such a woman (known for her immoral lifestyle) to go and sin no more. Jesus immediately told the crowd what will make it possible. He said to them, “I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the Light of life.” Jesus is the Light, if the woman follows Jesus’ teachings and ways she will never walk in darkness/sin anymore and she will be a light. So also anyone willing to give up his/her sinful ways to truly follow Jesus the Light will sin no more- such will be made to be like Jesus as he follows continually, I am a living testimony; where I am today isn’t where I was when I first started following the Light; it’s getting better by the day and my light is shining brighter and brighter day by day.

Yes, when you follow Jesus you will be a light and your light is meant to shine. Jesus told his followers, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” Light cannot be hidden so is anyone who is a light, your lifestyle will show that you are a light. You are to live godly lifestyle that will attract the world (sinners) to the Light; thereby delivering them from darkness.

One who is light produces these godly lifestyles:
– Love: loves God and neighbours; loves God with all his heart, soul and strength- lives a life that is pleasing to Him. Loves his fellow human being especially the one who doesn’t deserve to be loved; shows unmerited/unconditional love. And will do no harm to anybody.
– Joy: joyful in spite of affliction, persecution, trial, sorrow etc., not in pretense but real joy. This makes one different and people want to know the source of such strength.
– Peace: Peaceful in times of quarrels, conflicts, distress, fighting. A peace maker.
– Longsuffering: bears very long with another without giving up; long patience even when offended.
– Kindness: in spite of hatred, meanness, unkindness.
– Goodness: to all especially the wicked and undeserving.
– Faithfulness: steadfast in good works.
– Gentleness: tender, respectful, polite, descent, friendly, in spite of antagonism and harshness
– Self-Control: discipline in difficult times; with emotions and desires in check.
Willingness to follow Jesus will make these lifestyles possible, bringing glory to God.

Imagine what this nation will be like if we all live this way. If only 50% in Nigeria live thus, many will come to the Light and our nation will be great because righteousness exalts a nation but sin diminishes a nation.

For the Nigerian motto: UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS to be- let your light shine!

If you see your brother standing by the road
with a heavy load from the seeds he’s sowed
and if you see your sister falling by the way
just stop and say, you’re going the wrong way

You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
and if you try a little kindness
then you’ll overlook the blindness
of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Don’t walk around the down and out
Lend a helping hand instead of doubt
and the kindness that you show every day
will help someone along their way. Song Writers: Bobby Austin, Curt Sapaugh

Text: Mathew 5:14, John8:12, Galatians 5:22-23.
From: Faith Nwachukwu

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Nigeria Wasting Time without True Federalism – Tunde Bakare

*Churches increasingly enmeshed in financial scandals

Paul Obi in Abuja

Senior Pastor and Founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, on Saturday said Nigeria is just wasting her time without true federalism that will devolve power to the federating states.

He stated this during the 14th anniversary of Foursquare Gospel Church, Asokoro, Abuja, as a guest speaker of the ceremony.

He argued that the prevailing disconnect in governance and politics that has characterised the running of Nigeria as a country is tied to over concentration of power and economic resources at the centre.

According to him, “The truth be told, what we need are strong federating units but not a powerful centre. Let every federating unit develop at its pace.

“We had potentials on the ground; Cocoa in the west, groundnut in the north, and that’s what built Ahmadu Bello University, that’s what built Obafemi Awolowo University and those other things. Until we go back there, we are just wasting our time,” Bakare said.

On corruption, he explained: “In climes where the law is effective, certain congregations have reportedly been enmeshed in financial scandals. In Nigeria, there have been reports of clergy men engaging in fraudulent activities .

“Arraignments by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are becoming more common. From the pulpit to the pews, corruption stinks to the highest heavens, and God cannot be mocked.

“By accommodating the corrupt in the land and adopting corrupt practices, contributes to the state of decay and decline and is part of the problem. Before blaming the government, the Nigerian Church needs to seriously self-examine to find out whether or not it has actively contributed to the impoverishing our nation and the collapse of our economy.”

He stressed that though there have been reports of church attendance, tithes and offerings shrinking as a result of the recession, the church must stand firm.

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Don’t Reopen Trans-Forcados Line or Negotiate with Clark Group’

Omon-Julius Onabu in Asaba

New militant group, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), has warned against reopening of the breached Trans-Forcados pipeline in Delta State.

It also expressed opposition to the proposed negotiation meeting between the Federal Government and some stakeholders in the Niger Delta region allegedly led by erstwhile information minister, Chief Edwin K. Clark, towards the resolution of attacks and destruction of oil and gas facilities in the area.

In an e-mailed statement on Saturday, the spokesman of the NDGJM, “General” Aldo Agbalaja, the group said that the oil companies should not believe they were protected by the heavy presence of the military in the area and as such they could ignore the warning.

The statement said, “We do not have more to say to the oil companies than to just dare you to reopen the Trans- Forcados Pipeline (TFP). We are aware you are experts at testing wills, especially as you believe that you have a military shield. Please go ahead and restart the facility and see what will happen. Enough said!”

Moreover, the statement, titled “Do not put on the Trans-Forcados pipeline”, said it considered it inappropriate for the federal government to decide to deal with the people of the Niger Delta through certain individuals who have allegedly been hands-in-gloves with successive governments and oil companies that have for decades perpetrated economic and environment justice against the region.

It described the October 29th dialogue with the national Ijaw leader, Clark-led group as “grand error being orchestrated by those who are responsible for the current parlous state of our region.”

“These people seem to have succeeded in bewitching and railroaded the federal government into settling for a dialogue with them, in the name of the Niger Delta people”, it observed.

According to the group, “What we find offensive is the (fact that), as it has done in the past, (this is an attempt) to steal the identity of our people to hoodwink Government. By the time an agreement is reached with this so-called Pan-Niger Delta Dialogue Team, Chief E.K Clark’s new conduit, the current disaffection in the region will remain because the old man has his model of doing things, which ultimately sidelines the people of the region and satisfies the greed of a few.

“The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate however uses this opportunity to warn the federal government not to make this mistake and to say that we are 100% against the October 29th meeting, we consider it to be an impersonation of the people of the Niger Delta and their interest.”

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Introducing LikeMoney, South Africa’s financial product comparison network


“The financial market is cluttered with hundreds of different products like car or life insurance, credit cards and loans. How do you find the best products to suit your needs? By asking those you trust most like friends and family.” Those are the opening lines to Like Money’s promo video.

LikeMoney is a South African financial network that allows users to compare and rate different financial products on the platform. Users can rate products ranging from car insurance, credit cards, motor warranty and savings accounts to debt rescue, medical aid and much more.

94 percent of South African mobile shoppers conduct online research before purchasing online. LikeMoney, which has been in beta testing since February 2016, makes the process easier by allowing users to make decisions on financial products based on what their friends, family and other social media users have recommended.

“LikeMoney is honest and fair in helping their customers and clients. The website provides unbiased, objective and independent information so users of the platform can evaluate the benefits of financial and consumer products,” says founder, Erez Atia.

When fishing for something as important as vehicle or life insurance, you definitely need all the help you can get.

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New video: Apex & Bionic – Nothing 2 Something

Resolute Entertainment duo, Apex and Bionic is here with the official visuals to the single “Nothing 2 Something” which featured in their recently released EP “Nothing 2 Something”. The song which emphasizes on how far they have come in the industry and what more to expect from them in the nearest future.was directed by Matt Max. Watch below and Enjoy.

Download  Nothing 2 Something Video

Watch Nothing 2 Something On Youtube

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Detained Former Minister Obanikoro Offers To Refund N785m Election Stolen Fund

Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro
Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro

Embattled former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro may soon be let out of custody by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) following indications that he has agreed to make refunds of the money he allegedly collected from the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA).

The anti-graft agency accused the ex-minister of receiving N785 million from ONSA while in office.

His friends and associates are understood to be rallying around him to raise funds as a first step to secure his bail.

Obanikoro is understood to be targeting  N100 million as the first installment of the refund.

From ONSA, about N4.685 billon was transferred to Sylva McNamara Limited, a company allegedly linked to the ex-Minister.

Obanikoro told EFCC interrogators that N3.880 billion of the N4.685 billion was allocated to Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State and  Senator Iyiola Omisore.

He also said he handed over $5.377 million (about N60 million then) cash to Fayose at Spotless Hotel, Ado-Ekiti in the presence of the former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Dr. Tope Aluko, and other party stalwarts.

He said the balance of N785 million was expended on alleged anti-Boko Haram campaign in Lagos and the South-West.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “The ex-minister has been cooperating with detectives and he appears willing to refund some cash out of the N785 million traced to Sylvan McNamara.

“I think his associates and friends have rallied around him, having discovered that the bulk of the cash from ONSA went to Fayose and Omisore.

“I think he might initially refund N100 million to get bail reprieve in order to prevail on others who benefited from the N785 million to repay the slush funds.

“The refund is one of the issues delaying the granting of bail to the ex-minister.”

Obanikoro had said:  “The balance of N785 million were used to prosecute the following: 1. procurement of souvenirs for the promotion of anti-Boko Haram insurgency in Lagos; 2. N200million for surveillance activities; 3. N200 million and other remaining funds were for operations managed by Taiwo Kareem.

“Taiwo Kareem impressed the former NSA with his management of pre and post-election funds. To God be the glory, the two elections were carried out without any loss of life

“When bomb blast occurred in Lagos on the 25th of June 2014, the NSA was disturbed and told me of his commitment to ensuring that such doesn’t reoccur.

“He expressed the grave consequence that the reoccurrence will have not only on Lagos but the economy of the entire country.

“He emphasized the need for local input to complement the activities of security agencies. This is how Sylvan McNamara was introduced.”

The EFCC had discovered that Sylvan Mcnamara Limited, allegedly owned by Obanikoro and his sons,   was used to launder the N4.745 billion.

The company, which was incorporated in November 2011 had the following as its directors: a close aide of the ex-minister, Ikenna Ezekwe (700,000 shares) of 51 Simpson Street, Ebute-Metta; Idowu Oshodi (299,000 shares) of 8, Prince Tayo Adesanya Street, Park View Estate, Ikoyi; and Elizabeth Adebiyi (1,000 shares) of 3, Adedoyin Street, Ijeshatedo, Surulere.

Ikenna Ezekwe’s account has been de-frozen by the EFCC since the slush funds were not traced to him.

Ezekwe has also been removed as the director of the slush company.

A document said: “To set the stage for the use of the company for money laundering, the board of directors on May 7, 2012  passed a resolution that the company should open an account and appointed Mr. Gbolahan Obanikoro, Ikenna Ezekwe, Ms. Theresa Matuluko (Secretary) and Mr. Babajide Obanikoro as the signatories to the account.

“The board added that the signing combination be that any of the signatories can sign alone.”

EFCC claimed that when it was time to illegally draw the N4.745 billion from ONSA as the war chest for Ekiti Governorship poll, ex-minister Obanikoro made the account of Sylvan Mcnamara Limited available and coordinated the disbursement.

Contacted, Obanikoro’s spokesperson, Jonathan Eze, said he was not aware of the development.

Another source close to him, however, said: “it is true.”

Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro


The Nation Newspaper


Original Author

Yusuf Alli

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MEDICAID Raises Awareness On Cancer, Urges Nigerians To Screen Regularly

Nigerians have been urged to screen for cancer regularly as it is easier to treat the disease when it is discovered early.

The MEDICAID Cancer Foundation, an NGO that organizes free and subsidized cancer treatment for patients, gave the advice at the opening of its cancer awareness month.

Speaking at the opening of the awareness event, Wife of the Kebbi State Governor, Dr. Zainab Bagudu, who is also the founder of the organization, said development and changing life styles have caused many to live unhealthy.


She said, “Nigerians are at high risk of having cancer especially if we are living in the metropolitan where we have pollution, children are eating more of processed foods than our grand parents did, even the food we are eating now are chemical laden, the meat, even food stuff are grown with fertilizers; these means we would have more of cancer cases unless we get radical enough to change our life style.”

As part of efforts to contain the disease, Dr. Bagudu said she would join notable Nollywood stars this morning and thousand others to stage a march against the disease in Abuja.

She also said her non-governmental organization, MedicAid, which sponsors the event, had been working on cancer in the country since 2009.

“The organization has conducted free CT scans on well over 20 cancer patients across the country and raised funds for the treatment of thousands more; raised funds for the support and treatment of cancer patients in the various geo-political zones,” she added.

Also speaking at the event, Nollywood Actor, Toyin Oshinaike who lost mother to cancer said people too often retire to fate very quickly without much attempt to fight off the disease, which could be treated when detected on time.

He also advised that in as much as it is good to focus on God as the giver of life, there is also a need to be strong to pass through the stage.

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No Red Carpet for Mourinho as the ‘Special One’ Returns to Stamford Bridge

When Jose Mourinho was officially announced as Manchester United’s new manager in May, one of the first things Chelsea fans wanted to know was when the ‘Special One’ would make his highly-anticipated return to Stamford Bridge.

After all, Mourinho is regarded as one of Chelsea’s greatest, if not their greatest, ever manager despite the Portuguese seeing his second spell in charge of the west London side come to an unexpected end last December.

With Mourinho moving on with Chelsea’s Premier League rivals United and Antonio Conte doing a good job of picking up the pieces at Stamford Bridge, the clash between the Blues and the Red Devils this weekend will certainly be an intriguing affair.

Not only will it mark Mourinho’s first game back at Chelsea since leaving 10 months ago, but it will also give both clubs the chance to move into the top four.

After a wobble in September, Conte and Mourinho both appear to have discovered their best lineups and formations in the last few weeks. Neither manager will want to risk losing momentum with a defeat, so we could be in for a very cagey game of football at Stamford Bridge.

The improvement from Chelsea in the last two matches has been astounding. Where they looked so soft against Arsenal they’ve discovered an edge both at the back and going forward. They were superb in the predicted win against Leicester.

There are plenty of reasons for this, but the first that comes to mind is the midfield. Matic and Kanté is as tough a partnership as it gets, and everything about the pairing seems to work.

It puts Kanté in a midfield two, which was the setup that got the best out of him at Leicester. But it has also reawakened a creative flair in Matic that first came to the fore during his time at Benfica.

So in a crude way you could draw comparisons between Chelsea’s midfield this season and Leicester’s last year, if you see Matic as an equivalent to Drinkwater.

Yet, while Chelsea are playing exciting football and appear to be on the right track again, Blues fans will be wary as they’ve failed their two major tests this season. We can’t forget that they were looking good before the defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal and with this in mind Conte may try to play it safe against United. This match may be one for the tactically-minded fans to admire.

There’s nothing pretty about it, but you can bet that Mourinho’s style of football will eke out results from difficult fixtures. Before Monday, Liverpool had been rampant, thrashing all the big sides, and we expected them to take care of a stuttering United.

But the Red Devils, playing with a highly-defensive 6-3-1, kept chances to a minimum, and de Gea was alert enough to claw away anything that fell to Liverpool in the area.

Chelsea haven’t been as strong as Liverpool this season, having slipped up against the Reds and been thrashed by Arsenal. So now Mourinho has a decision to make.

Does he gamble on a win against his former club and send his midfielders over the halfway line, or aim for a repeat performance and hope to snatch a draw?

Chelsea have made an uncertain start to the season. And Mourinho, who studies opponents to find their weaknesses as much as any manager, will see things he can take advantage of. He will also know all about his former players, and is cunning enough to build a game plan around Chelsea’s shortfalls. David Luiz in particular is someone Mourinho didn’t rate, and the Portuguese coach may single out the defender for special attention.

However Mourinho configures his side, one man who can change a game in an instant is Paul Pogba. For some reason the Frenchman has attracted criticism for his performances this season, but United are definitely better with him in the side.The problem with spending a record fee on a deep midfielder is that people expect goals from a position in which few players are regular scorers. And the players who do score need to be in a very specific setup. It will take time for United to get this right.

If United’s approach to the Liverpool match is now their template for big away matches this season, then this fixture could be a bit drab. Conte favours a more enterprising style of football than Mourinho, but is also very tactically adept and won’t take risks he thinks are unnecessary. So we’ll probably see the two teams cancelling each other out.

Two days before being sacked in December a doomed Mourinho spoke of a “betrayal” of his work by some of the players who had propelled Chelsea to the Premier League title the previous season.

Fingers were pointed at Diego Costa, among others, and the Spanish striker’s huge dip in form was a contributing factor to the Portuguese tactician’s bitter exit.

Costa has started this season like the marauding forward Mourinho signed from Atletico Madrid, scoring seven goals in eight Premier League games, and he will be relishing the highly-charged atmosphere expected on Sunday.

The visit to Stamford Bridge could hardly have come at a worse time for a United side who have won only one of their last five Premier League games to stall what had been a promising beginning to the Mourinho reign.

United played Turkish club Fenerbahce in the Europa League on Thursday before they can fully focus on the visit to west London. No wonder Mourinho, whose side are seventh in the table, said it was a time for digging in.

“This is not the week where we were expecting to close the distances to the top of the league. This is the week we have to keep contact with them. Then we will arrive at the moment where we win three, four or five matches in a row and we will be there fighting with almost everybody for the title,” he told the club’s website (

It is not the first time Mourinho, who won two Premier League titles for Chelsea before his first sacking in 2007, will sit in the away dugout at Stamford Bridge. He masterminded a 1-0 win for Inter Milan over Carlo Ancelotti’s Chelsea in 2010 on the way to winning the Champions League.

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